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Earplugs Mack's Snore Mufflers

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This product has following properties

Accessories suppliedno
(Type) Product :Anti-noise plugs
Nozzles/ Volume control1 tip size
Noise level / ideal travel MandatoryUp to 36 dB
Batteries / Carrying case MandatoryCarrying case
Suitable for :For adults
Contents :3 pairs of plugs

Earplugs Mack's Snore Mufflers Box of 6 pairs

America's #1 selling modular silicone earplugs. Mack's Snore Mufflers easily fit the shape of any ear.

Doctor recommended for noise reduction, with a noise reduction rating of 22 decibels. For sleeping


# 1 Doctor recommended brand for a good night's sleep with a snoring spouseHelps
increase the quality and quantity of rest for a restful sleepHelps
save marriagesNo
pressure in the ear canal due to unique cover design provides unparalleled comfortProtects
hearing from loud
noisesNoise ReductionRating
(NRR) - 22 decibels


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Earplugs Mack's Snore Mufflers

Earplugs Mack's Snore Mufflers