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Desiccant tablet 63 mm

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A tablet that dehydrates your hearing aids and earmolds.

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(Type) Product :[Nettoyant appareils auditifs]
Product (hearing aid maintenance)Cleaning kit

These tablets have been developed to prevent damage to electronic components caused by moisture.

The desiccant capsule meets the requirements for a class I medical device, non-sterile according to the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Useful information :

- Do not pierce or open the capsule.
- The life of a tablet varies according to the humidity level of the devices and the environment. However, we recommend that you replace the tablet once a month for maximum effectiveness.
- A tablet that has turned white is an ineffective tablet.


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Desiccant tablet 63 mm

Desiccant tablet 63 mm

A tablet that dehydrates your hearing aids and earmolds.