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Portable Magnetic Loop Humantechnik LA90

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The LA90 magnetic loop is a portable induction loop used to welcome the hearing impaired public at a counter or for a business meeting.

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Bring your reception area up to standard at the best value for money with the LA90 AUDEA Accueil magnetic induction loop, the sound amplification system for the hearing impaired.

The reception or the counter are places where communication is central. To access services and hear properly, people with hearing loss need adapted sound amplification equipment.

The LA-90 AUDEA Accueil magnetic loop amplifies discussions directly into the user's hearing aid when positioned in T mode. With its integrated microphone, the LA-90 AUDEA Accueil magnetic loop does not require additional equipment.

The device is delivered with 3 coloured inserts and 2 self-adhesive pictograms to indicate the presence of a magnetic loop.
The BIM LA-90 picks up sound thanks to a microphone and transmits it by magnetic waves to the hearing impaired person equipped with a hearing aid and located in front of the device (1.5m-2m distance).
The loop is often used for a counter, administration, town hall, bank counter, hotel desk, shop (jewellery, shoes..), shop in a commercial gallery, public reception, employment, camping...

For hearing impaired people without a hearing aid or with a hearing aid not equipped with a T/MT
The induction loop LA90 ref. A-4209-0 allows communication only with hearing impaired people equipped with an inductive coil (T/MT position). If you wish to improve communication with hearing impaired people who are not fitted with a hearing aid or whose hearing aid is not compatible, you have several possibilities
: - choose a telecoil equipped with a wired handset (like the LA90 SET, LH101, LH102).
- order a wireless headset receiver like the H20

Tourism and Handicap Label
The LA90 is suitable for obtaining the Tourism and Handicap label (hearing).
Standard NF EN 60118-4
The LA-90 magnetic loop complies with the EN 60118-4 standard of March 2007. A manufacturer's certificate of conformity is available on request.
Mixing the sound input
There are 3 possible configurations: built-in microphone only, built-in and external microphone, external microphone only. Sound transmission is indicated by the flashing orange magnetic loop signal light. The external microphone is sold separately, it is not compulsory as there is already a built-in microphone, but it can be interesting if you want to move the LA90 a little further away from the person speaking into the microphone.
Adjusting the sensitivity of the microphone input
using the potentiometer on the back of the unit, you can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone input. This is useful, for example, to adjust the level of the signal from an external microphone.
Removable colours
The LA90 is equipped with a removable blue, yellow, burgundy stripe on the front. This is a plate (blue installed by default) that can be changed easily. The 3 plates (blue, yellow, burgundy) are supplied with the appliance.
Energy saving
The LA-90 automatically switches off if no sound is detected for 2 minutes by the microphone (internal or external). This optimises the battery life.
Wall mounting
The device is equipped with two holes for mounting on two screws, so you can easily fix the LA-90 to a wall.

Anti-theft system
The LA-90 is equipped with an anti-theft system on the back which allows the use of Kensington(r) type locks.
Scope of delivery
  • LA-90
  • one power pack
  • 3 coloured inserts
  • 2x T-position stickers
  • 4 rubber feet


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Portable Magnetic Loop Humantechnik LA90

Portable Magnetic Loop Humantechnik LA90

The LA90 magnetic loop is a portable induction loop used to welcome the hearing impaired public at a counter or for a business meeting.