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Anti Noise Plugs Moldex Rocket Cord

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Noise cancelling earplugs with cord.

30 decibels sound attenuation!

Reusable plugs.

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This product has following properties

Accessories supplied1 pair of earplugs
(Type) Product :Anti-noise plugs
Nozzles/ Volume control1 tip size
Noise level / ideal travel MandatoryUp to 20 dB
Batteries / Carrying case MandatoryCarrying case
Suitable for :For adults
Contents :1 pair of caps

Anti-noise hearing protection with cord Moldex Rocket

Very practical and portable earplugs. You can take them anywhere thanks to their protective case and a cord that connects them to prevent them from getting lost, thus ensuring maximum fit and support!

What are the plugs used for?

The Moldex Rocket is a fairly versatile multi-purpose earplug. They are ideal for use in noisy environments such as concerts, factories, festivals and DIY.

The material used is soft and provides an optimal seal. An air pocket inside the plugs allows you to adjust the plug to the size of your ear canal.

The sound attenuation of 30 decibels is high and will effectively protect your hearing from excessive sound volumes.

A rigid stem simplifies the insertion of the plugs for a high level of comfort and sound protection

The Moldex Rocket are reusable and washable with soap and water

Our advice for use

For maximum sound attenuation, it is important that the plugs are inserted properly inside the ear. To do this, push the plug firmly into your ear canal while turning it so that it fits the shape of your ear canal and forms a watertight barrier against noise.


  • 1 pair of earplugs
  • 1 cord
  • 1 storage case


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Anti Noise Plugs Moldex Rocket Cord

Anti Noise Plugs Moldex Rocket Cord

Noise cancelling earplugs with cord.

30 decibels sound attenuation!

Reusable plugs.


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