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Cordless phone 295 with handset Photo Geemarc

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You will receive a 295 cordless phone with a Photo handset Geemarc.

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This product has following properties

Guarantee2 years
Strength 1Suitable for seniors
Strength 2Easy to use
Strength 3Integrated answering machine
Strength 4Amplified Sound
Accessories suppliedAn RJ-11 connector
Integrated answering machineYes
Answering machineWith answering machine
Number of pieces2
Type of telephone (landline)Duo with answering machine
Copy of the directoryYes
Corded telephonen
Wireless phoneYES
Call ScreeningNO
Maximum range50
ProductWireless phone
Direct call keysYES
Directory100 contacts
Maximum autonomy10h
Standby time (in h)100
Combined by partsWireless 2 pieces
Backlit displayNo
SOS buttonYES
Backlighting of the keysNo
Hands-free functionYes
Main libreMains libres
Caller IDYes
Sound levels
Handset managementDuo
DAS eligibleYes

The Amplidect 295 is a very easy to use telephone with excellent visibility and high quality amplified sound.

The Amplidect 295 is a full-featured cordless phone with a built-in answering machine and a 50-entry phonebook. It is compatible with hearing aids, so you can avoid feedback when making a call.

The amplidect 295 Geemarc has a large LCD display, spaced buttons and a charging cradle that incorporates a digital answering machine with a display of the number of voice messages received.

With the amplidect 295 Geemarc, you have access to a telephone that is comfortable to use: volume control up to 30 dB, flashing light for incoming calls and handset location (you can ring the telephone if you have lost it thanks to the button on the base
). The cordless handset is easy to use and has a quick access menu button.

The answering machine has a memory for recording up to 15 minutes of voice messages and is equipped with practical and valuable functions: definition of the number of rings before the answering machine is triggered, 2 modes for the recording answering machine (your correspondent can leave a message after the greeting) or simple (your correspondent only has the greeting and cannot leave a message), consultation of the answering machine remotely with a PIN code, selective or global deletion of the messages

The amplidect 295 Geemarc has a clear and powerful sound that is very appreciable in conversation. You can easily adjust the volume during conversation (up to +30dB), and it is compatible with hearing aids.

The Amplidect 295 Geemarc is a stylish and modern landline phone that will perfectly suit people looking for an amplified cordless phone with flashing light and an answering machine.

Features Geemarc Amplidect 295 :

  • Alarm function
  • Keypad lock
  • Customisable ring tones for contacts in the phonebook
  • Ringer indicator
  • Handsfree
  • Handset location
  • Direct call buttons with photo
  • Receive volume control up to 30 decibels
  • Phonebook memory 50 contacts and numbers
  • Multi-base (max. 4) / Multi-handset (max. 5)
  • Answering machine memory 15 minutes recording time
  • Remote access with PIN code
  • Outdoor range: 300 metres
  • Indoor range: 50 metres


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Cordless phone 295 with handset Photo Geemarc

Cordless phone 295 with handset Photo Geemarc

You will receive a 295 cordless phone with a Photo handset Geemarc.