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Soundear 2 decibel meter

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Less noise and interruptions will improve concentration, reduce stress levels and lower the risk of hearing loss

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This product has following properties

Guarantee2 years
(Type) Product :Hearing aid
Nozzles/ Volume control1 tip size
Noise level / ideal travel MandatoryUp to 50 dB
Batteries / Carrying case MandatoryRechargeable
Suitable for :For adults
Contents :1 headset

Unlike many noise monitoring products, the SoundEar has been specifically designed to be highly visible. This is clearly important when the unit is to be mounted in a public place.

It is most often used in:

  • Open space offices: High noise levels in offices and call centres are usually due to staff talking too loudly.
  • Schools/classrooms:A gentle reminder to lower your voice a little in a library or cafeteria can save you from having to verbally remind people where theyare.
  • Music venues: Music in pubs, clubs, discos and even restaurants and hotels can cause problems for local residents and be at dangerous levels for staff .The SoundEar II is the perfect solution to keep noise under control by
  • Hospitals reminding staff, patients and visitors to keep quiet in the usual places (e.g., restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.)(e.g. lounges near treatment rooms)
  • Fitness centres: The use of exercise equipment and music can be detrimental to the atmosphere of the facility.

If you also wish to research or obtain information on actual noise levels, we recommend using the SoundEar3-300 noise monitor.


Even at low levels, noise can affect our concentration, our ability to gain knowledge and our stress levels. Raising awareness and reminding everyone to be quiet are effective ways to reduce noise levels.

The features of SoundEar II that are most often highlighted by our clients are

  • Making noise visual: making everyone aware of when to quiet down
  • Creates awareness: often you don't even realise you are too loud.


To start using your SoundEar II, use the dial on the back of the device to set the sound level at which you want the ear to flash red.
Next, find a visible place on the wall to place it. Avoid placing it near sound-absorbing materials such as soft fabrics or near noisy machinery, as this may affect the noise measurements.
Connect the SoundEar to the power supply and start enjoying the benefits of a quieter atmosphere.


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Soundear 2 decibel meter

Soundear 2 decibel meter

Less noise and interruptions will improve concentration, reduce stress levels and lower the risk of hearing loss