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SleepSoft sleep earplugs (SNR) of 25 dB + Cleaner for sleep earplugs

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Alpine Clean - Cleaner for earplugs

Sleep earplugs

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This product has following properties

Accessories supplied1 carrying case
(Type) Product :Anti-noise plugs
Nozzles/ Volume control2 sizes of tips
Noise level / ideal travel MandatoryUp to 20 dB
Batteries / Carrying case MandatoryCarrying case
Suitable for :For adults
Contents :1 pair of caps

Unique product specifications

  • Ambient noise and snoring noise will be reduced
  • Very comfortable by the soft material AlpineThermoShape™
  • Minigrip. This handy little grip now makes it even easier for you to pull your plugs out of your ears.
  • The bell, alarm and alarm clock remain audible thanks to the unique AlpineAcousticFilters
  • With particularly soft filters, specially developed for sleepers (on the side)
  • Practical and compact storage box
  • With Alpine Cleaner for easy cleaning of the earplugs
  • Can be worn all night long
  • Also suitable for apnea, snoring during pregnancy
  • No silicones
  • Reusable

Sleep earplugs

What is the noise reduction level of the SleepSoft earplugs ?

SleepSoft earplugs have an average attenuation (SNR) of 25 dB. This means that the annoying ambient noise is reduced. You will inevitably continue to hear the louder noises. They will however be less loud. Many people fall asleep more easily with sleeping earplugs and wake up less quickly. However, you will still hear the alarm clock, the doorbell or your children.

New: Minigrip

SleepSoft earplugs are now equipped with a unique Minigrip. This handy little grip now allows you to remove your earplugs even more easily. The Minigrip is small, discreet and made of soft material. Even those who sleep on their side will not feel it.


Sometimes the volume of snoring is very loud, sometimes even exceeding 95 dB. It is as loud as a pop concert! Despite the use of sleeping earplugs, you can still hear the snoring. It doesn't matter what type of earplugs you use.

Why is it that earplugs never completely block your hearing?

Sound conduction occurs in two ways: through the air and via the bones. Our cranial bone therefore also absorbs sound vibrations. This is called bone conduction. Our eardrum is consequently set in vibration and this allows us to perceive sounds; we hear them. Therefore, we can never completely suppress sound by blocking the ear canal.

AlpineAcousticFilters™ - Unique filtering system

The special acoustic filters in SleepSoft earplugs reduce the harmful and annoying noise that prevents a good night's sleep. Snoring and ambient noise are reduced and therefore, most people fall asleep better and sleep peacefully. Thanks to the special filters, there is no feeling of being shut in. The sound of the alarm clock, the doorbell, the alarm or a crying baby remains sufficiently audible. SleepSoft earplugs are particularly suitable for use at home, on the road at hotels or campsites.

AlpineThermoShape™ - Super soft material

SleepSoft has a special design that provides extra deafening and thanks to its superb shape, the earplugs fit perfectly in the ear. This is due to the unique material AlpineThermoShape. An innovation fromAlpine. This material adapts to the shape of your ear so that the earplugs fit perfectly in the ear. This means that you are not bothered by an oppressive feeling in your ears. ATS does not contain silicones and therefore does not cause allergic reactions.

Duration of use and cleaning

The longevity of the earplugs depends on the wearing frequency. Keeping the earplugs clean on a regular basis ensures optimal functioning and a long life of the earplugs. Alpine provides a practical self-developed cleaner for removing earwax from earplugs. With the Alpine Clean spray, you can easily and quickly clean and disinfect earplugs. The spray is available in a 75 ml bottle. It is also possible to clean the earplugs with warm water and soap.

Dutch Design

The design of the Alpine hearing protectors is an exclusive Dutch design. All earplugs and filter systems are produced in the Netherlands.

Contents of the package

  • Two universal thermoplastic hearing protectors
  • Two soft acoustic filters
  • Gadget: Alpine Cleaner
  • Small plastic storage box
  • Envelope Alpine for insertion

Attenuation values Alpine SleepSoft

Frequency Hz631252505001000200040008000
Average attenuation value dB25,028,027,626,727,430,131,323,8
Standard deviation dB2,43,85,53,63,34,34,94,6
Expected attenuation value in dB (APV)22,624,222,123,124,125,826,419,2

Tested according to EN 352-2: 2002
Nominal diameter: 9-12 mm
H=24 M=24 L=23

Technical data

Weight30 grams
Product dimensions100 x 80 x 20 mm (L x W x H)

Alpine Clean is a practical and disinfecting cleaning spray. You use it to clean hearing protection, such as earplugs and earmuffs. WhenAlpine Clean is sprayed on hearing protection, most bacteria and viruses die within minutes.

Alpine Clean - Cleaner for earplugs

Alpine Clean is a practical cleaning and disinfecting spray. You use it to clean hearing protectors, such as earplugs and ear muffs. WhenAlpine Clean is sprayed on hearing protection, most bacteria and viruses die within minutes. The spray disinfects thoroughly, easily and quickly! The liquid does not leave any residue, does not stick and dries quickly. Alpine Clean is packed in an attractive aluminium spray bottle.


Regular cleaning will extend the life of your earplugs. Alpine Clean is suitable for both universal products and custom-made earplugs. Alpine Clean can also be used to disinfect your hands.


Spray a small amount ofAlpine Clean on the ear protection. Let the liquid dry or wipe it off with a paper towel.


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Not for internal use
  • Keep in closed packaging


25 ml spray bottle


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SleepSoft sleep earplugs (SNR) of 25 dB + Cleaner for sleep earplugs

SleepSoft sleep earplugs (SNR) of 25 dB + Cleaner for sleep earplugs

Alpine Clean - Cleaner for earplugs

Sleep earplugs